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Referral Credits for

As one of our customers, you can benefit from credits against your account (they are not redeemable for cash) if you refer new customers to us!

You will receive a credit for every month they are with us, and paying via direct debit, with the amount depending on the Service Tier they subscribe to. The first credit will be generated automatically by our billing system at the same time as it generates the new customer's direct debit invoice.

In order to qualify for the credit, the Service Contract we receive from the new customer MUST show your details as the referrer (just write them on, or get the new customer to do this).

Listed below are the current Credit Amounts (including vat) by Service Tier.
Service Tier Credit Valid From
Supa Lite0.502011 - 6
Lite0.752011 - 6
Lite +1.002011 - 6
Regular1.502011 - 6
Regular Plus2.002017 - 12

The table below lists (most recent first) the referral credits that have been applied to your account.

New entries will be added here each month when the Direct Debit invoices are created.

Please note: you will only receive these credits whilst you remain a customer.

Year Month Customer Service Tier Bonus Notes