Areas Covered

We currently operate in the following locations around South Herefordshire and North Gloucestershire:

    • Ledbury, Herefordshire
    • Leddington, Herefordshire
    • Hallwood Green, Gloucestershire - solely Ultrafast Capable area
    • Newent, Gloucestershire
    • (soon) Clifford's Mesne, Gloucestershire - solely Ultrafast Capable area
    • Highnam, Gloucestershire - normal and some Ultrafast Capable
    • Arlingham, Gloucestershire

We also provide broadband to a number of businesses in close proximity to our centre of operations in Eastgate Street, Gloucester.

We are especially proud of the fact that BT's adsl and/or vdsl services are also available in all of our locations, yet our customer base continues. Our customers clearly appreciate the local service we provide.