We can provide private Point-to-Point links for private corporate networks where the buildings are in direct "line of sight" of each other. Distances achievable extend to in excess of 10km. Indeed we have a number of such links in our own network.

We have a variety of equipment at our disposal to suit most budgets. For short range links (up to a few km), we now have access to equipment capable of 1Gbps full duplex, with an installed link for as little as 9,000.

For those on a tight budget, short range 50 to 100Mbps links can typically be installed for between 3,000 and 5,000, depending on the situation. Resilient links, with automatic failover should a wireless unit fail, are available for around twice this amount.

Longer range links (up to around 10km) are also possible, but might require 5 GHz backup radios to ensure link availability in bad weather conditions.

Our clients include customers in a variety of sectors: Education, Agricultural, Health, and Commerce

In addition to the above, we have also installed a number of private point-to-point fibre links for clients.

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Email: enquiries@loopscorpio.net