Over the years since we first launched our fixed wireless access service, technology has moved on in leaps and bounds. However, people's expectations and needs have risen in parallel. Although, historically, we have made a (local) name for ourselves as a "wireless broadband" provider, we have always known that the long term future for broadband access lies with fibre.

We have now initial deployments of fibre to the "X" in two locations. The first of these is Highnam Business Centre, where we have a 100 Mbps fibre connection back to our main PoP in Gloucester. From there we have employed a mix of both cat5 cables and fibre to serve the various business units.

Our second deployment was more ambitious. This is at Ullenwood Court, a rural Business Park around 3 miles south of Cheltenham (very close to the Star College). We installed a high capacity (100 Mbps) microwave link from the site back to our main PoP in Gloucester and then installed a fibre-to-the-building local distribution. The fibre infrastructure is "point to point", such that each tenant has their own dedicated fibre cable back to the central "street cabinet". Mike Cuttell, the owner of the Business Park, provided the trenching, whilst Loop Scorpio provided the ducts, minitubes, blown fibre and active equipment.

In addition to the above, we have also installed a number of private point-to-point fibre links for clients.

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Email: enquiries@loopscorpio.net